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Making a Difference

We take over projects of all kinds and scales. Our work is defined by diversity and is nationally and internationally awarded and published. Every project of every kind is a special case study for us in order to create a space of high architectural standards, preserve our architectural vision and aesthetics and fulfill the owner’s needs and desires.

The creative procedure behind every new building is complicated but also rewarding. One must take under consideration the location, the surroundings, the building scale, plot and regulation. But most of all one must specify the story that every building should narrate about its use, its users and its purpose.

Therefore, the final layout and form of a building is the result of an effective pursuit for the best combination of the demands and vision of its users and a distinguished architectural language.

After all, everyone deserves a great space to live their daily stories in.

This is What We Do



We maintain projects for residential, leisure, retail and every kind of corporate spaces taking under consideration the special features of our customers’ needs.

Every residential project is considered to be an opportunity to offer to the inhabitants the ideal space to live their dream life in.

And every corporate project is an attempt to create a space that fulfills the requirements for pleasant working environment along with the ability to serve as an attraction to new customers.


From concept design to implementation, there are several stages through the development of an architecture or interior design project.

Finalized design, building permit, implementation design and site supervision succeed each other during the process contributing to a successful final result.

And it is our strong belief that the results are better when the whole process is done by the same team all the way. Our approach to Architectural Construction provides what is needed to ensure that a successful built development will arise from an attractive Architectural Design.

​That’s why the procedure from design to construction to habitation of a building is all under our consideration.

A few words


Vassilios Arapidis and Eleni Kokkinaki received their architecture diploma at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In 2001 they founded 99 01 ARCHITECTS in Athens. Ever since the objective of their evolving team of architects and civil engineers has been to create a narrative for high end architectural implementations with their signature design style adapting to different challenges and spaces.

Eleni Kokkinaki