Changing the Face - Pushkinsky Cinema • Moscow



▪️ Location: Moscow
▪️ Type: Changing The Face – Pushkinsky Cinema
▪️ Design: Competition entry 2011

(The) Making of a movie requires a light source, in order to record a scene on the film frames. The reproduction of a movie requires a light source in order to project the recorded scene from the film frames to the white screen.
The conceptual approach for the new face of the pushkinsky cinema is the collection of frames on the main facade of the building in a way that will create an interaction game of light and shadow. Furthermore, walking through those frames will mark the entrance into the 7th art world of cinema.

The frame installation is a 3-dimensional vertical surface with a repetitive pattern of DuPont Corian panels sized 4.00 m. x 2.60 m. x 0.50 m. each. The panels are based on a large span structural framing. 

The frame installation is fronted by an expanded plaza. As a whole they make up a moving graphic field, which develops vertically and horizontally, in the following ways:
– a backlight system, that is placed behind the corian panels on the building’s facade and is controlled by computer, providing a continually changing image of the building
– the projection of movie trailers on the facade frames  and screens towards the plaza
– extended cubes made of DuPont Corian are placed on rails in order to be moved at will and fulfill the functions of bench, light source and observation point.