House in Voula, Athens


Project Details

Design study | 2006 – 2007
Construction | 2007 – 2008

The residence is built on a sloping lot in a suburban area of Athens. The special morphology of the lot along with the orientation and the outlook over the Piraeus and Peloponnese were the elements that mainly defined the synthesis. 

The basic design gesture was the creation of a compact volume, which would bear some expected adjustment transformations by being situated on the canted land. A part of the volume is being detached and removed, altering the constitution of the main structure and creating the veranda on the third level. This way continuity between the interior and the exterior space is being accomplished, taking full advantage of the impressive view towards the sea and the city. 

The building consists of three main levels and one underground storage area. It is designed to fulfil the owners’- architects’ demands for living and working in such a way that it could be transformed during time, depending on their personal and professional needs.