Swarovski Corner • Athens



▪️ Location: Neo Iraklio
▪️ Property Type: Swarovsky Corner / Retail
▪️ Size: 90m²
▪️ Design / Construction: 2016

Based on the need to expand the existing jewelry store and maintain the merge of two adjacent spaces the project consists of minimalistic and pure lines. Considering the in-between wall as a fact that cannot be reversed, the focal point becomes the three dimensional black L-shape structure which flows through the otherwise white interior, guides the eye  through the space and connects the two rooms.

Two categories of products are to be distinguished and equally displayed: the Swarovski jewelry, figurines, ornaments etc. and every other kind of jewelry someone can wish for in a jewelry store. Two types of display areas are used. Vertical / wall display areas and horizontal / table display areas, that provide equal and quality observation of the offered goods of all types.