Landscape Design • Alimos

Private Residence


▪️ Location: Alimos
▪️ Property Type: Landscape Design
▪️ Size: 90m²
▪️ Design: 2024

A transformative project that redefines outdoor living in the heart of the city. This endeavor seamlessly blends sophisticated landscape design with the luxurious addition of a swimming pool, creating a haven of relaxation within the confines of a 90-square-meter urban garden.

The meticulously crafted landscape design introduces lush greenery, fragrant blooms, and serene pathways, transforming the outdoor space into a botanical oasis. Every detail has been carefully curated to evoke a sense of calm and privacy, providing an intimate retreat from the bustling urban surroundings. A shimmering expanse of aquatic serenity, not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space but also serves as a refreshing respite for the inhabitants. Whether lounging poolside or taking a leisurely swim, residents can unwind in the embrace of tranquility, creating a private sanctuary amidst the dynamic cityscape.

This project stands as a testament to the belief that luxury, minimalism and nature can coexist seamlessly, even within the constraints of urban living.